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Herbaria was originally established in 1949 to collect, produce, process and trade medicinal plants and to manufacture herbal teas. Originally an operation maintained by Hungarian co-operatives, it has since evolved into a private organization that is driven to maintain the traditional principles of producing fine, herbal teas composed of time-tested, wild-crafted herbal ingredients.

Today Herbaria North America is renowned for both the variety of premium herbal teas we offer, and for the traditional, time-tested approach to quality and purity that each offers.

Our processing facility, located in Székkutas, South Hungary, processes approximately 100 tons of raw material a year, producing dozens of varieties of teas.

Herbaria’s unique, traditionally wild-crafted herbal teas are now sold throughout Europe and in over 600 stores across Canada. They are found in health food stores, independent grocery stores and pharmacies, where their healing properties are highly valued.

The Herbaria Tradition

Our tradition begins in the fields, where all of our fine wild-crafted and traditionally harvested herbs are gathered. For over five decades, we’ve maintained this traditional practice for the benefit of our customers, many of whom depend on the purity of our products in order to maintain their wellness.

Backed by our team of researchers and product-developers, we continue to update the rich compendium of plant-knowledge passed on through generations with a balanced scientific approach that will help ensure that this traditional legacy of healing through Nature can be cherished and enjoyed for decades to come!

Herbaria: Quality & Certificates

Our wild-crafted and cultivated medicinal plants are sourced primarily from herb collectors and from domestic farmers growing within GMP quality assurance systems. Our raw materials are analyzed and certified by the Research Institute for Medicinal Plants in Hungary. 
The raw materials of our products meet the standards specified in the corresponding paragraphs of the Ph.Hg. VIII or Ph.Eur. IV and V.

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