Welcome to the brand new site for Herbaria North America, home of traditionally wild-crafted and cultivated medicinal teas since 1949.

Hi there, and welcome to the brand new website for Herbaria North America.

For many years now, we’ve shared our unique selection of traditionally wild-crafted and cultivated herbal teas with quality tea lovers across Canada. Our continually growing tea line is found primarily within fine health food retailers, independent grocers and in pharmacies across the country.

The Taste of Tradition

Yet, for far longer, Herbaria teas have offered the taste of tradition in every cup: celebrated throughout Europe since 1949, where they’ve been renowned for the purity and potency of their root ingredients. Our highly valued medicinal teas do not contain fillers or additives – just the time-tested, prized herbs that have been used in herbal medicine for centuries.

New Beginnings…

For months now, we’ve been working intently to create an online space that would be able to represent the traditional, timeless yet vibrant flavours offered in every box of our herbal teas. We’re happy to finally be able to share the result with you!

Stay Tuned for More To Come!

Our blog will act as a host for exciting news about upcoming products (like the 6 new herbal teas we’ll be introducing over the next couple months). It will offer unique information about the many ways you can integrate traditional herbal medicine into your personal wellness plan. It will also keep you up to date regarding our appearances at tradeshows and events across Canada.

So, whether you’re a long time lover of the Herbaria line of teas, or have only now discovered our unique tradition, we welcome you to our new home – and look forward to sharing an unforgettable tea with you soon!

-Herbaria North America

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